Learning Management System

Most powerful Learning management software comes with an incredible set of customizable features to assist with your school/institution administration tasks and complex processes.

Interactive Platform

  • Add Course
  • Manage Course
  • Assignment
  • Online Quiz
  • Course wise Examination
  • Performance

Online Class

  • Live Class
  • Live Session
  • Real-time Communication
  • Online Chat
  • Online Activities
  • Online Meeting Room

Interactive Tool

  • Dictionary
  • Calculator
  • To Do Listing
  • Quick Note
  • Interactive Video Maker

Analytical Report

  • Achievement
  • Performance Analysis
  • Discipline
  • Advice for Restudy
  • Attendance
  • Progress Report
  • Benchmark Comparisons

Silence Features

  • SMS
  • Online Payment
  • Email
  • Attendance
  • Bank API Integration
  • Server and brand

General Usability

“Run Your School” Learning Management System automates and streamlines the complete student learning lifecycle from Live class, study materials, to progression report. It provides an easy way to perform different activities (like Live class, video class, Study Material, Online Exam, Assignment, Exam, Report). LMS save companies and instructors valuable time and money by enabling them to easily manage the training of large groups of learners through a web-based environment with any time, anywhere accessibility. The LMS modules have been designed and streamlined to automate student-related information and processes.

  • Students can get access to study materials from anywhere and at any time.
  • Most modern LMSs have mobile apps that allow students to engage with e-learning content on any device.
  • All study materials are consolidated in one location.
  • Students can quickly exchange various resources.
  • Students can collaborate on different tasks.
  • Students can make connections and exchange opinions with others.
  • Students stay updated with the latest news from teachers and friends.
  • Students can study at their own pace, especially if your LMS has support for self-paced classes.
  • Rich and engaging content makes learning more effective and students more involved.
  • Students can rapidly find important and relevant material.
  • Students can submit assignments with just one click.
  • Fast and extensive updates on their learning progress.
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